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We open space within the MICE dedicated to children and youth television. Open a window made programs and formats used by children or to children or youth, requirement is quality. Is an educational television? What are their characteristics? Understanding different formats and experiences made in Valencia, and discuss the educational role of television.

Xiqueta amb tele

La MICE 2015 incorporates a dedicated space on TV.
We study audiences Children, Lito some TV products made by boys and girls, Lito an example of transmedia web series for children and a child some examples of the use and consumption of children's programming on TV.
Trafficking is an open conversation among all persons attending the Solar Corona, Projects on audiovisual works and discussions with:

PSSST, What is this? (Web TV series)
Giovanna Ribes, Format i idea original i productora executiva
Barbara Atienza, Executiva producer

Joan Chilet, Executive Director

MAGACIM-TV (TV Benimaclet)
Sorribes Luz María Alonso and Bellod Ten, Audiovisual Communication and licensed staff members magacín-TV

ACICOM (Citizenship and Communication Association) Presents the moderates
Jose Ignacio Pastor Pedagog, President ACICOM


Psst! What's this?', is a series of educational crossmedia for network oriented for children, produced by Tarannà, directed by Ana Victoria Perez and promoted by Giovanna Ribes.
The webserie consists of chapters 4 minutes with an extra section with educational activities: recycling, cazamitos, riddles and teaching guides. It is a mix of animation with real characters and a presenter (Nuria Herrero) which is accompanied by an animated character (Cambrilaje). It is expected that the webserie, the participating children aged 5 in 8 years, had a hundred chapters to complete the project.

Nautilus Audiovisual is a company of audiovisual training for children and young people, directed by Joana Chilet. Drago is associated with Magic sharing educational project LOOKS TO BUILD, a series of educational programs aimed at each of the vocational training to promote training in visual languages. Nautilus includes various audiovisual programs which from a practical standpoint is working film projects, television and media literacy.

The MagaCim is a media literacy project currently living his fourth season. It was the Special Award ACICOM School Pulling the MICE 2013. So far, television format has been, issuing a biweekly program for social networks and Levante TV. A news program presented by boys and girls, that i d'fresh fun way, give voice to what is happening in the neighborhood of Benimaclet. Ply the streets to interview neighbors on current topics and present sections from a set decorated themselves. These same players, in this fourth season, delve into the world of film and fiction. • They are doing the film with two monitors, Maria and Light, young filmmakers who rely on visual education through art and culture.

ACICOM (Citizenship and Communication Association) It is a progressive association, plural, independent, meeting people from using optical multidisciplinary enrich discussions, studies, complaints, our communications and proposals scene Valencia. Its mission is "to improve the diet of the public media Valencia" defending freedom of expression and free communication and in our language. We want a diet rich media. In short fight for the welfare Valencian media. ACICOM is a civic association, formed by a handful of people resistant, dedicated to issues of culture media and communication, to defend the rights of citizens. Improved media diet affects the press, TV, radio, editorial food, language, etc.. We are also recognized as an association of consumers. We are concerned and occupies the rights related to communication, such as freedom of expression, the right to information and the right of public access to the media,all permanently threatened. Other rights communicational, as the use of Valencian are attacked by those who should defend it; proof of which is the removal of inadmissible RTVV, Catalonia Radio, TV3, … This suppression joins the systematic failure issue in Valencian side of private channels, with impunity and complicity of the government of Catalonia. In the remainder of mitjans: press, Radios, etc.. communication in English is practically residual. The right to know, transparency and access to information are part of our activities, and media education. We develop a wide range of initiatives to generate thought, information, review, debate, action and synergies with the citizens of Valencia, with: presentation of books, including an editorial publications, facilitated discussions, days, conferences, etc..
The quality of our democracy is closely linked with the diet we consume media. Valencia too poor diet and toxic, threatening the freedom and development of citizenship.


Pots of participar ja has esdeviment del facebook:

I DO look CINEMA: Swap TEACHER FOR MEDIA 29 MARCH / 10.00 H. / CC charity / MICE 2015

Mirem i fem cinema Banner

Swap TEACHER FOR MEDIA 29 MARCH / 10.00 H. / CC charity / MICE 2015
We watch movies and do is swap teachers for audiovisual. If you are in any of the audiovisual educational levels or if you simply want media literacy and the use of screens, we propose a meeting point to meet and exchange ideas, concerns and proposals.
In its first edition 'We watch movies and do’ articulated in a charming group dynamics around six areas of work: Why do movies, what we do with screens, • how to generate dynamic co-operation, materials i recursos, audiovisual l'with assigantura?, and students?
In this new edition we propose a new brainstorming to update some of the proposals that emerged in advance and consolidate a network of teachers to educomunicació.

The meeting will take place on Sunday 29 in March 10.00 h. Alfonso the Magnanimous in the Hall of the Cultural Center's Charity (C/ Corona, 36 · Valencia). You can extend the invitation to all those who may be interested. For any clarification you need or if you have suggestions, do not hesitate to mail me. Please wait!

If we want to share with us your concerns to join form

If you want to see what we did last year and We Let us Cinema click here

Fem i Mirem Cinem


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